March 31st, 2004 -

From its first conception in November of 2001, to the current 1.5.5 release the path has been one of great learning and evolution.  Starting from an idea of a port of the Zef Hemel's popular YaBB Perl software to growing to a team of close to a dozen people, hundreds of community released mods, and a great community.  While today we are officially putting the YaBB SE project to bed, we promise that the ideas and premise behind the project will not die.

The team that has brought you YaBB SE has moved on to develop the next evolution in forum software, SMF.  We have rebranded ourselves under the name Simple Machines and continue to strive to release the best free forum software out there and are ready to compete with products of the commercial caliber.  To learn more about SMF please visit the Simple Machines website.

Thanks for all of your continued support and care,
The YaBB SE Team
You may download a supported version of SMF here:

You may download an unsupported legacy version of YaBB SE version 1.5.5 from SourceForge here:

You may still view our community forum with read only access to our archives of information: